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A Great Campaign

Supporting Girton’s future pioneers

A Great Campaign

Girton is committed to providing an exceptional education, delivered by world-leading scholars, to all whose ability, achievements and potential are sufficient to secure them a place. It does not matter who they are, where they come from, or what they can afford. These principles of excellence, inclusion and diversity are the founding values of the College.

A Great Campaign is the largest fundraising campaign that Girton has undertaken since its foundation over 150 years ago. Over the course of the last ten years, your generous support has paved the way to a financially sustainable future. Your gifts have grown the capital of the College’s unrestricted endowment, increased the financial support available to both undergraduate and graduate students, and helped protect the ground-breaking research and the inspirational teaching undertaken by our Fellowship. Thank you!

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Thanks to the generosity of our supporters over the course of A Great Campaign £50 million has been raised to transform the College’s finances, with £28.4 million received in donations, of which 78% have been made to the permanent endowment, and the balance consisting of pledges for future legacies. With your help we have endowed 13 Fellowships, 32 full undergraduate bursaries and 10 partial postgraduate scholarships. For our students and Fellowship this has been game-changing. All at Girton are extremely grateful to everyone for their support: we thank you with all our hearts for your vision, generosity and trust.

However, there is more to do. By funding the endowment of more undergraduate bursaries, postgraduate scholarships and teaching and research Fellowships, and our widening participation initiatives, we can ensure that Girton’s educational experience remains open to everyone who is able, for ever.

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Girton stories

Lara Parizotto

Human, Social, and Political Sciences

The bursaries I have received from Girton have been really helpful in keeping me focused on my degree and not worrying as much about financial stress. They have assured me that I will be able to pay for my living costs for the whole academic year. As someone who worked on the Telethon Campaign I am really appreciative of these bursaries and how much alumni donors care about the College and the students who are here. Thank you so much for your contribution to Girton

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