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Give to our area of greatest need to make a difference to Girton's future

Supporting Girton

Since its Foundation, Girton has opened its doors to people with exceptional academic talent, from all backgrounds and circumstances, to give them a remarkable and rare educational opportunity. As the UK’s first Higher Education residential institution for women, Girton’s early pioneers created a bright future for generations of women. Today we remain committed to widening participation. With your help we can ensure that the opportunities Girton provides are available to anyone who is academically able, regardless of their background.

By making an unrestricted gift to Girton, you will provide the College with the flexibility to support our areas of greatest need, aiding all aspects of College life. This year our priorities include increasing our support for student welfare and student clubs and societies.

More information on the projects we are looking to prioritise this year can be found by reading about our Annual Fund

To donate by cheque, CAF Voucher, bank transfer, credit card or set up a standing order, please download our donation form (see sidebar on right).

Should you wish to make a gift of shares to Girton then please contact the Development Director.

It is also possible to donate to Girton via Payroll Giving or your employer’s Corporate Matched Giving Scheme. Please contact your employer’s payroll department for further information. Girton College’s Registered Charity Number is 1137541.

If you would like to direct your gift to a specific area of College life, more information can be found on the links below:

Gifts from Europe

If you are resident and paying tax in certain Continental European countries, you may be able to make a tax-efficient gift to the College through Transnational Giving in Europe. More information including a list of agencies can be found on their website.

Gifts from the USA

US taxpayers can donate to Girton College through Cambridge in America, which is registered in the USA as a 501(c)(3), which enables donors to claim their donation against tax. To make a donation online, or to download a gift form, please visit the Cambridge in America Giving Page.

Gifts from Canada

The University of Cambridge is recognised by Revenue Canada for the purposes of charitable giving to the University and Colleges, and is authorised to issue receipts on behalf of both to enable Canadian donors to claim deductions when computing their taxable income. Please let us know by email on making your donation if you require a receipt.

Gifts from Hong Kong

To Hong Kong Taxpayers can give tax-efficiently to Girton College through The Friends of Cambridge University in Hong Kong.

For more information please contact Ms Cannie Kwan.

Gifts from Singapore

Residents in Singapore can now make donations to the College tax-effectively via the Cambridge College Scholarships (Singapore) Ltd. Please email or for more details. 

Girton stories

Lara Parizotto

Human, Social, and Political Sciences

The bursaries I have received from Girton have been really helpful in keeping me focused on my degree and not worrying as much about financial stress. They have assured me that I will be able to pay for my living costs for the whole academic year. As someone who worked on the Telethon Campaign I am really appreciative of these bursaries and how much alumni donors care about the College and the students who are here. Thank you so much for your contribution to Girton

Supporting Girton

Thanks to A Great Campaign we are well on our way to securing Girton’s future

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