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The Revd Dr A Malcolm Guite

College position(s)

Life Fellow


Theology, Religion and Philosophy of Religion, English

Specialising in

Former College Chaplain

Degrees, Awards and Prizes

MA (Cantab), PhD (Durham)

Research themes

I research and write about the interface between theology and the arts, more specifically Theology and Literature, and have published books on both subjects, separately and together. I also have special interests in Coleridge and CS Lewis.


As well as offering individual supervisions in both English and Theology I also lecture for the Cambridge Theological Federation, sometimes helping clergy who are returning to academia to do a dissertation to reflect on their often amazing parish experiences. I also lecture regularly in the United States.


The first time I came to Girton was with my band, Mystery Train, to play at the famed Blues Booze and Chocolate Party. Little did I know I would soon be returning as Chaplain! I have been here for seven years and have always enjoyed the College’s unique warmth and sense of community.

I am also one of the Clergy at St. Edward King and Martyr, in the Centre of Cambridge. I have a rock band called Mystery Train and am part of a jazz-poetry performance collective called riprap. I have three cds out on Cambridge Riffs and itunes. And give regular poetry/music performances here and in the States.

I am a poor administrator and God is usually obliged to send someone to help.

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