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Dr Sophia M I Shellard-von Weikersthal

College position(s)

Fellow, Director of Studies, Tutor


Medicine, Veterinary Medicine

Specialising in


Degrees, Awards and Prizes

M Pharm equiv. (Freiburg) PhD (Freiburg)

Research themes

My background is in Pharmacy and Natural Sciences. My PhD research was in neuopharmacology, which included the investigation of the mutual interaction of dopamine and serotonine neurotransmitter networks to aide the development of drugs against Parkinson’s disease and schizophrenia. My postdoctoral research here in Cambridge focused on the blood-brain barrier with a view to understanding pathophysiological mechanisms occurring during brain ischaemia. I maintain links with the Pharmacology Department by doing lab work with a group investigating neurotransmitter packaging and release.


I supervise medical and veterinary students in MODA , one of the main courses in the 2nd year, and also neuropharmacology within the NHB course. I feel that establishing solid foundations in all the pre-clinical subjects is important for students entering their clinical course.