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Dr Ruth M L Warren

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My consultant medical career began in Harlow, where I developed the service including introducing the techniques of modern radiology – arteriography, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, CT, MRI and breast screening. All this management led to my being asked to be Medical Director, a role I held for 3 years, while initiating research for an MD and in multicentre trials of breast screening.

From 1996 in Cambridge I was able to develop my research in various aspects of breast cancer: trials of mammographic breast screening, breast MRI, risk, genetics and lifestyle risk factors. I led the radiology of a big UK national trial on comparison of breast MRI screening with mammography in women with the breast cancer susceptibility genes BRCA1&2. My research continues to a small extent alongside new interests in languages, music, and sports – things for which a medical career allows little time.


I have had an interest in teaching throughout, teaching students from the London Hospital at Harlow & teaching professionals in aspects of breast screening. My transfer to Cambridge enabled me to develop my teaching roles in Radiology where I led the training of radiologists in Eastern Region with huge expansion in a developing speciality, and in Girton where I was pleased to be involved in the development of clinical medical students, preparing them for their clinical careers. I also supervised PhD students.


  • From 1996-2007: Director of Studies in Clinical Medicine and Supernumary Fellow.
  • Former Consultant Radiologist, Addenbrooke’s Hospital and Associate Lecturer at University of Cambridge.
  • 1995 Ralph Noble Prize MD.
  • 2004 Platinum level Clinical Excellence Award, NHS.

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