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Dr Maria Reyes Baztán

College position(s)



Modern and Medieval Languages

Specialising in

Jean Sybil Dannatt Official Fellow in MML

Degrees, Awards and Prizes

PhD (Warwick), MA (Warwick), BA (Universitat de València)

Research Themes

My research examines the intersection between nationalism and anticolonialism in the Basque Country and, most recently, Cuba.

I am currently writing my first monograph, which is under contract with Liverpool University Press. My forthcoming book is the first book-length study of the origin and development of anticolonial language and rhetoric within Basque nationalism. The monograph explores the origin and development of anticolonial ideas within the Basque nationalist movement from the 1890s to the 1930s through a close examination of Basque periodicals. It challenges the Eurocentric approaches that have traditionally dominated the study of nationalism and stresses the importance of the transnational ideas which emerged outside Europe for the success and development of the Basque nationalist movement. This research has also resulted in a research article in the Journal of Contemporary History (2023), which analyses Basque anticolonialism during the period of the II Spanish Republic.

I am also widely interested in the relationship between food and nation-building, which has resulted in a peer-reviewed article on the Spanish omelette published in 2021. I am currently drafting another article based on this research, which will form part of a multidisciplinary essay collection in the Routledge Companion of Language and Food (forthcoming).


College Assistant Professor: I teach a range of papers in Latin American and peninsular Spanish culture, including SP1, SP4 and SP5.


Before coming to Cambridge, I completed my studies in both Spain and the UK. Since finishing my PhD at the University of Warwick, I have worked as a lecturer in Spanish and Latin American Studies at the University of Nottingham (2021-22) and at the University of Reading (2022-23), where I was nominated for a teaching award by my students.