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Dr Lena Holzer

College position(s)




Specialising in

Sheila Lesley Official Fellow in Law

Degrees, Awards and Prizes

BA (University of Vienna), MA (EIUC), PhD (Geneva Graduate Institute)

  • 2023 Senior Price Maurice Chalumeau for the best PhD thesis written on issues of sexuality in Switzerland.
  • 2022 SNIS Award for the best PhD thesis written in International Studies in Switzerland.

Research themes

My research lies within the field of feminist, queer and intersectional legal studies with a focus on international law and sports law. I am generally interested in exploring how to conduct legal research through feminist, queer and anti-racist methodologies. 

One of my current research projects looks at the role of international law in enshrining the gender binary in birth registration processes across the world. This also takes into account how legal developments on gender registration and trans rights have been shaped by hetero-sexism, global power inequalities and colonial legacies. 

In another research project, I examine the gendered and racialised nature of international sports law. 


  • LLM Paper on Race, Gender and the Law
  • Tripos Paper Human Rights Law