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Dr Henrik Latter

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Non-Stipendiary Fellow

Degrees, Awards and Prizes

BA, BSc, MSc (Sydney), PhD (Cantab)

Research Themes

My research is devoted to intriguing (and beautiful) astrophysical objects both near and far. These include the rings of Saturn and Uranus, planets (both inside and outside the Solar System), protoplanetary disks (the birthplaces of such planets), and the hot plasma flowing about black holes. I use mathematical science, especially fluid dynamics, to understand how these objects work. Currently I am focusing on three problems: (a) hydrodynamical turbulence in the protosolar nebula, (b) the quasi-regular outbursts of light emitted by dwarf nova systems, and (c) sharp edges in Saturn’s rings.


At Girton I supervise applied mathematics courses. At DAMTP I lecture Mathematical Methods for 2nd year Natural Sciences and a course in astrophysics as part of the Mathematical Tripos.

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