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Dr Anne Fernihough

College position(s)

Life Fellow



Degrees, Awards and Prizes

MA (Oxon), PhD

Research Themes

My latest book, Freewomen and Supermen: Edwardian Radicals and Literary Modernism, is due to be published by Oxford University Press next year.  It emphasises the utopian and madcap aspects of Edwardian culture and their impact on literary modernism.  Much of my earlier research was centred on D.H. Lawrence.


My two main teaching areas are: (i) late nineteenth- and early twentieth-century literature; (ii) the history of twentieth-  and twenty-first-century literary theory and criticism.


I am one of an extraordinary number of Girton fellows to have had twins, including the previous mistress, Professor Marilyn Strathern, and my contemporary, Dr Stephanie Palmer.  People say there must be ‘something in the water’ at Girton.