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A celebration of our supporters making postgraduate study possible with scholarships

group photograph of those attending the cocktails and canapes event

On 8 February 2024, the Mistress, Fellows, supporters of the College and postgraduate students holding College scholarships came together for cocktails and canapés.

The event celebrated the postgraduate awards the College offers to outstanding applicants across a range of disciplines thanks to philanthropic gifts. The number of awards we can offer has increased greatly in recent years thanks to some extraordinary generosity.

In recognition of the support they have received to pursue postgraduate studies at Girton and the University of Cambridge, students attending the reception shared their thanks with donors:

“I would not have been able to accept an offer to pursue a PhD at the University of Cambridge without this award. It was just not possible for me. Thanks to you, I am furthering my academic studies along with some of the best scholars in the world. And what better way to do it than surrounded by kind, smart, and highly motivated Girtonians from all around the world!”

Diego De Guadalupe Romero Rivero (PhD in Law, 2022)

“The Girton Singapore Scholarship Award has alleviated and is still alleviating my financial burden during my studies in Cambridge and allowed me to focus on my research efforts and personal development. Thanks to their support, I can continue undertaking my PhD research that I might not have been able to afford otherwise. The improved financial stability also opened many opportunities, allowing me to better engage with the student experience holistically. Once again, I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to our donors for their generosity and for empowering us students – thank you!"

Chung Chuan Hsu (Michael) (PhD in Physics, 2021)

“The opportunity to study a Master of Law through Girton College has been extraordinarily fulfilling, both intellectually and personally. I have been encouraged to be inquisitive and to critically engage with my area of study, which I have wholeheartedly applied in my research on the historical role of international law in the Pacific nuclear tests. The welcoming and inclusive environment fostered at the College has turned chance encounters into cherished friendships. These experiences were made possible only by the generous support of the Girton Postgraduate Research Scholarships.”

Edward Watson (LLM Masters of Law, 2023)

“I am very grateful for being the recipient of the Rosalie Crawford and G.M. Gardener Scholarships (Academic Year 2023-24) and the G.M. Gardener Scholarship (Michaelmas 2023). These supports enabled me not only to continue my doctoral research in Cambridge and to submit my dissertation on time (Dec 2023), but also to attend and organise conferences, submit publications, and acquire valuable teaching skills: all very important assets for my personal growth and future career.”

Davide Salmoiraghi (PhD in Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic Studies, 2020)

“Receiving a Rosalie Crawford Girton Scholarship is enabling me to do my PhD at the University of Cambridge and Girton College, which I couldn’t afford otherwise, and research a topic I’m interested in since my undergraduate studies. One highlight already has been to publish my first preprint this year.”

Anika Damm (PhD in Plant Sciences, 2022)

“I have been greatly enjoying my research so far and would like to thank the donors to Girton College for their generosity; I would not be able to undertake this degree without their support.”

Peter Savery (PhD in English Literature, 2022)


A selection of photographs from the Cocktails and Canapes for Postgraduate Scholars on Thursday 8 February 2024